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I am obsolete

This has been sobering this week. The latest video is done and you can check it out here – Making Playlists and Smart Playlists for Podcasts.

My problem is that the YouTube video is too fuzzy so I decided to try Revver, which looks great. The problem there is that the Revver standard size is too big for this current blog layout. I’m now realizing that basic HTML is dead, if you aren’t a pro with CSS, AJAX and something like PHP that holds wordpress together, you are the latest 1984 K Car.

I threw in the towel and dropped an email to a designer C.C. Chapman recommended.

I hope the video is of some use, but please don’t call me the Johnasaurus.

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Hold that towel…

WordPress tweaking is fairly easy with the right plug-in. I just started using Anarchy Player

for our rumor girls video podcast blog. Normally our Quicktime videos play fine in Firefox, however with IE the browser downloads almost the entire video before it starts to play, so that is no fun and its a long wait.

This player turns a link to a video into an embedded player. And you can adjust the video display size (our show is 640×480 but I size it to 320×240 on the blog) and you can create a customized play thumbnail. Bear in mind once you activate the plug-in it will turn every video link into a player. I was pleasantly surprised because it took me 1 minute to update 80+ videos on the blog automagically, so it worked well for me. The player also works for audio.

Also worth checking out is:

for other options


I was excited when iTunes added podcatching, and disappointed when I saw how they limited it. For whatever reason, on your iPod, you can’t rate podcasts like you do regular songs. Using Play Count for smart playlists doesn’t really cut it for me. I would guess I don’t want to listen to at least half of the podcast episodes I get.

So I still use Juice as my podcatcher, and they show up in iTunes as regular songs. Then I have a smart playlist of “Genre is podcast” and “Rating is less than 5”. So when I decide I don’t want to listen to that episode, I rate it 5, and it disappears.

Cool, I have to check out that stuff from Frank. Brett, Greg from 365 Tao has sent me over a video about controlling casts outside of iTunes that I will post as soon as I can.

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