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Podcamp Toronto is right around the corner and I’m very excited to check out another un-conference. The schedule can be a bit frustrating since it’s always in flux (it stinks when somebody you want to see schedules themselves at the same time as one of your own slots CHRIS BROGAN).

I have to say though that I think I’m starting to lose patience with normal conferences. I seem to learn 3x the material at an unconference and don’t have to deal with as much vendor shilling. More to report as it happens!

3 replies on “Unconference!”

So will there come a point when conferences become un-conferences? How much longer can we go paying two-grand for some of these events, especially when people are at them and blogging each session while it is going on?!

P.S. – Does WordPress have the ability, like I have on my blog with ExpressionEngine, to have a checkbox so that I get an email when someone replies to a blog post, in a sense subscribing to the blog thread? If so – do it, as I never remember to go back to blogs…


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