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Have you made a difference?

Today I was asked how I would like to be remembered. I always have an easy answer for that one – philanthropist. Someone who proved they could generate enough wealth to live well and then give enough back to make something positive happen.

I have tremendous respect for those who endeavor to improve the human condition. I even shop at Sears just because they sponsor EMHO.

If you are able, perhaps you might consider throwing a few dollars towards the New York City MS Walk coming up in April. My friend C.C. is part of a team and you can donate through this link:

While I’m on the topic I’d also like to mention the fine work being done at The MATCH Charter Public High School here in Boston. And until finding worthy causes becomes a full time job, I’m back to work…

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Ah, you are so humble – why not mention some of the good you have done? Granted I know, but many of the throngs of your readers may not.

And I hope you will plug the ALF-Illinois Liver Wellness Walk/Fun Run in October… even better, walk in it! 🙂


John –

Just stumbled up on your blog…great stuff here. In the spirit of this post, I can honestly say that I remember you very distinctly as “Woogle”.


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