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On Digital Media and Wireless

Rolling early this morning at Podcamp NYC. Over 1,300 registered for the show, so it should be quite the scene. Chia-Lin Simmons is presenting on podcasting in the wireless space. Some astonishing stats on ringtones – zero to $7 Billion in less than 5 years.

Some vendors to check out on the mobile front: Voiceindigo, tmobilcast (which I couldn’t find in google?), pod2mob, munduradio

Yesterday’s presentation at NTC was a great time. Hopefully my evangelist show will help a few more people get up and creating their own content.

I had a fantastic meal last night at P. Diddy’s restaurant “Justin’s” but the Martini has made business a little tough this morning…

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It was so good to see you at Podcamp NYC, John!

I hope you enjoyed Podcamp NYC- It certainly was different than other Podcamps, and I think the venue and how spread out or concentrated the rooms are can effect the feel of the event, as much as the speakers and participants…. Lots to talk about!

I hope you’ll be able to come to Podcamp Philly- Sept. 6, 7, & 8th!


Thanks, it was good to see you too! I’m going to need a day or two to process everything that the last couple of days has brought. But it’s been a whole lot of fun. Philly sounds like fun, hopefully I’ll be able to get down there…

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