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Podcamp NYC, The M Show and CheeseCorn

The weekend covered 4 big events – Podcamp NYC had over 1,300 registrants, most of them crazy hustlers, and a lot of fun.

The M Show comes to you mobile for the first time in almost a year!

And most importantly you can now get Garrett’s Cheese Popcorn somewhere other than Chicago – namely Madison Square Garden, home of the greatest battles of the 20th Century! I hope your weekend was as good…

Item #4 deserves it’s own post!

4 replies on “Podcamp NYC, The M Show and CheeseCorn”

The word on the street is that New Yorkers are not into Garrett’s, plus it takes better here in the Windy City… not to mention it’s easier to wash it down with an Italian beef sub!


I think the last guy must be crazy! Being a life long New Yorker & trying Garrett’s popcorn, I found it to be the greatest popcorn I’ve ever had.

Well, there are two things going on there – Mike is defending is new hometown of Chicago, and being a former Bostonian he has to say that everything from New York sucks because the Yanks usually kick the crap out of the sox…

He may also be jealous that it will be more difficult for him to bribe me since I can now drive to get my cheese corn fix.

The fact that I am crazy and the popularity of Garrett’s are mutually exclusive. 🙂

My comment on the popularity of Garrett’s is based on this article from the Chicago Tribune:,1,7885529.story?coll=chi-newsap_il-hed

I am of course glad to hear that this may not be the case! Any new store in any city needs time to get entrenched.

As I was born in the Empire State, there is plenty I love there… just not the American League baseball team in the Bronx…!


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