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Villians Unite!

Christopher Penn had some advice today about being an asshole which has been contrary to his superpowers thread. The previous posts talked about how we all have amazing powers now that we can access the web. The A-Hole post talks about some of the powers of the dark side.Villian

All that’s left is to put these two posts together to see why being a Super Villain is much better that being a wuss Super Hero. The reasons are many:

  1. Villains take the initiative. The heroes always play defense hoping to salvage a victory against the nefarious schemes the villains have assembled.
  2. Villains are entrepreneurs, they try to shape the world to meet their vision. The heroes stand for the status quo, worse yet, some of them are working for The Man.
  3. Villains are rarely held back by moral dilemmas they have the mission set and follow it with reckless abandon.
  4. They have something to prove. Vengeance is a great motivator

Enough with the fanboy stuff. Tomorrow we get back to Marketing (and taking over the World!)

3 replies on “Villians Unite!”

Unfortunately, villains have the habit of spilling all their plans to the superhero when they should be finishing him/her off, allowing for an easy and predictable escape. Bit of an Achille’s heel I’m afraid.

Nice Professor Zoom pic!

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