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Are your people bigger than your brand?

This was a revelation I had this week. For small group of companies the brand name is more important than the people working there. The McDonald’s hamburg needs no human next to it, nor does a Firestone tire, Starbucks, or Neiman Marcus.
The majority of businesses do not have name brand recognition. As a result, blogging is more important for these organizations. The brand is not symbol for these companies, it is an unknown. For these companies their people do stand for something and do have name recognition. Notice how the organizations that make these transformations may still have a person buried in the core of the brand (or perhaps not so buried in the case of one “Big Bill” Gates). Ray Kroc, The Colonel, Berry Gordy. Many small organizations are afraid to give their employees a voice on a company blog – there’s unused potential there.
On an unrealated sidenote – in my teens I lived to find obscure 80’s dance remixes. If you share this affliction here’s a link to nirvana.

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