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Bitching about MS Word, among other things

The problem is that for some reason, just because MS-Word is so central to most business writing, I have this feeling that it should be immune to code bloat and feature creep. The latest version is what, something like Word 14.0? Why did it take me a half hour to get bullets that would show up properly when I output to a PDF?

It just strikes me as not possible that I would have to layout my resume on pagemaker (or whatever it’s called in CS3), for the love of god, I sound like a 95 year old man bitching about the price of bread.

Just to make things more fun it’s the beginning of the dead zone. Everywhere I’ve worked July and August are the crappiest possible months to work – and yet I actually wonder why people scratch their heads wondering where the business is, while at the same time ignoring emails and calls from salespeople because of vacations, sales kickoffs, trade shows, etc…

I almost saw a pedestrian get killed today in Wellesley of all places (a tony Boston Suburb), I’m getting a little creeped out about seeing so many accidents and other violence… maybe it’s just telling me to go see The Transformers (I hope).

Off to edit the latest Marketing Over Coffee for release tonight!

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