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JWall’s Run

Just not enough time in the day…

Lots of cool stuff going on, not the least of which was WebInno 13 which was a packed house. More on that tomorrow after I’ve had some sleep, but some of the non-tech highlights included getting some microphone wisdom from David Tames, finally getting to meet Bahlactus (aka Clarence) in person (and forgetting to mention that I laid the smackdown on Galactus last week, finally finishing Marvel Ultimate Alliance), seeing Brogan, and learning about Chip’s new thing. Not to mention another clash of the titans with a supervillian.
The lovely Carin has a broken toe so I had to bail on the dinner afterwords and didn’t get a chance to say my farewell’s but the group was well on the way to taking over the Cheesecake Factory.

Since this post is totally lacking any real content, let me direct you to Mr. Godin, who has a great post that has had me thinking all week. I now have some reusable bags in my car for the grocery store, I never realized how many places will give you credit if you bring your own bag (and a million less bags is a good thing).