Podcasting The Marketeer

Almost There

I’m siting in an apartment that is completely empty except for a broadband router, the only thing missing at Studio N. FIOS will be in the house on Tuesday and I’ll be back in the game.

We are back from hiatus on The M Show and you can listen to the long standing business podcast by clicking through.

The big news this week was C.C. Chapman leaving Crayon, there’s been a lot of chatter, but I know both C.C. and Crayon will both continue to succeed. Every new agency has to spend years getting the roster tuned, and really it’s a never ending process. The only difference with Crayon is that the entire social media peanut gallery gets to view a little further behind the curtain that ever before.

The never-ending battle continues!

Brain Buster Lead Generation

Brand Opinion

Thanks for staying around during a slower week, I’m into a groove now where I can write at home at night, save it and post when I have access to the tubes of the internets when I get to work.

A discussion today got me thinking more about branding. There has been much written about the fact that classic advertising and branding is only applicable to the Fortune 500, and that everyone else is usually pouring money down the drain. I’m thinking that by treating your advertising more as lead generation (have a call to action to track it, test brand messaging that has impact) you can get your money’s worth out of it. I really need to dig in deeper on advertising strategies, anybody up for chatting on Marketing Over Coffee?

Daily Life

Moving Day

Sorry to be brief but I’m kneeling down, working on a machine that’s on a cardboard box. FIOS will be set up at Studio N next week so I’m stuck back at Studio M for my broadband connection. The new digs are great but how did we get so much stuff?

The lads from Gentle Giant did a fine job today. Now if I can find the box that has my pants in it…

I am still on for Marketing Over Coffee tomorrow (the best marketing podcast)

Daily Life

Fondant and the Power Washer


I am in Williamstown for my Father-in-Law’s 70th birthday party. It’s been a fun day. I got to use the power washer on all kinds of things and the lovely Carin was preparing fondant for the birthday cake. I came to the conclusion that fondant is much like experimental jazz. Those who excel at their craft (be it baking or music) play with it because it’s hip, yet the general public isn’t interested in consuming either.

But who am I to criticize such things?

Just kidding, I am the guy who makes fun of those things. Fondant is like spackle for cake for the love of god!

Aside from that we took advantage of being out of the big city and went up into the cornfield at the end of the day to pick our own corn near Mt. Greylock, where I took this picture. More shots on Flickr when I get home to upload.