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Why Mr. Rogers could kick your butt without breaking a sweat

Not that he would, of course. In fact, Mr. Rogers was decidedly against ass-kicking, but the truth remains that his power remains off the chart. As you can see from the diagram below from the labs at Studio N, Mr. Rogers could well be one of the most powerful forces in the universe.

Power ranking, Fool!

Mitch Joel brought Fred Rogers to the forefront last week for me while highlighting his public speaking skills. What struck me more was not only his awesome power of presentation, but the fact that it was all backed up with skills. He wrote the material, produced it, performed it, wrote the music. Amazing skills, thank god he used his powers for good, imagine if the best minds in Marketing were used only to sell fast food and soft drinks, America would be a country of overweight, physically at-risk…. uh, never mind that, move along, nothing to see here.

So what can I add to this conversation? Not much, I can’t tell you how to be as altruistic as Mr. Rogers, I wish I knew the secret to get others to care for their fellow man with that much drive and passion. I can echo Mitch’s points about the story, authenticity, and truth. I can also let you hear it from the man himself:


addendum: After much discussion and consideration, Chuck Norris is above Mr. T, but below Yoda.

addendum 2: William Shatner is above Mr. T, but below Chuck Norris

5 replies on “Why Mr. Rogers could kick your butt without breaking a sweat”

You’ve moved me in a big way with this. I am focusing on how this matters to my world and my life. Thank you for your ideas on this one, John. It continues to blow my mind how great your site is and what I learn from you.

Wow, Brogan writes some good stuff and all I can think is: what an idiot, how did John miss William Shatner? Dude was Kirk AND TJ Hooker, and he’s not even on the list!

Chris B. – Thanks, that means a lot from a guy who reads a ton of stuff in this space…

Johnny T. – Good point, I would put Shat above Mr. T and below Chuck Norris (Walker beats Hooker)…

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