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Weekend Fun

I hate to say it but it’s nice to have a normal weekend and the holidays over – much more relaxing.

Some random weekend stuff:

Ron tipped me off to this Audio Repair Tool. It lets you visualize the sound and cut out the chunks you don’t want. It also repairs clipping (that sound you get when someone talks way too lound right into the mic and it starts to crackle).

I’ve decided that Podcasting and Audible are matter vs. anti-matter – they can’t take up the same space. In some ways it’s good, it pushes the crappy podcasts off the list.

I was at the mall during lunch yesterday and saw some products that then led me to this:

YouTube Preview Image

It’s addictive and fun for the whole family. Not fanboy enough for you? How about this:

YouTube Preview Image

Enough messing around… back to work…