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Snow Day

We were hit pretty hard by a Noreaster today – that’s when a storm is out over the ocean and the wind and snow blow down into where we live from the North East. It can get pretty ugly if the storm just sits out over the ocean spinning and sucking up moisture for snow.

But it’s not like I’m in elementary school and get to go sledding, the only change is that I don’t have to drive to work. Thanks to all of the excellent technology we have in place I can do everything that I can do in the office so it’s a regular workday minus the co-workers, coffee machine and lunch break. In short, I actually get more done.

The hard drive on Carin’s MacBook died as I was trying to load it up with the iTunes library from the other machine in the house. If we hadn’t picked up the extended warranty that would have run us about $370. Through this we have also learned that the iWeb application is just a crappy little toy. Any website editor that won’t let you import anything is just barely above worthless.

The customer service was perfect though, we brought it in at lunchtime, we were back home with a machine with a new drive in it in 45 minutes. So we’ll see if Carin wants to go with Dreamweaver or if I should just build a WordPress template for it.
The latest M Show is also up from yesterday and getting ready to roll with Marketing Over Coffee on Wednesday…

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