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Where’s Coach Bob?

Hey Nike – what happened to Coach Bob? Nike has been expanding their blogging program and there’s been some cool stuff up there. I enjoy reading about shoes, professional runners, and until recently, the Wisdom of Coach Bob.

We now have Coach Jay, who has written some interesting stuff, and he’s gone deep this week with biomechanics. I’m sure I will enjoy reading his stuff, but there was something about Coach Bob that gave me that “Mighty Mick training Rocky Balboa” feeling. He told you what to do, but there was always some motivation mixed in there – “Good for you for starting” and “Good for you for not giving up” kind of stuff. For runners like myself, with such great nicknames as “Runaway Train”, “Clydesdale Division”, and “Fat bastard”, I can never get too motivated.

So this is the kind of thing about blogging that freaks out normal people. I’m not some Coach Bob fanatic, I’m not about to go to Beaverton and look for him at the home office. I have a job, mortgage and family, I don’t have time for all that creepy loner nonsense, but I did enjoy reading what he had to say. How about at least a “Coach Bob has moved on to other stuff, Welcome Coach Jay” or something like that. If Coach Bob said he liked Coach Jay I’d be much happier.

At its root, marketing is an art and not a science, people are irrational. What other explanation is there for me worrying about Coach Bob?

p.s. on the subject of running you should get Nike+ and you should check out Steve Runner’s Podcast

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