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$uperB0wl Musical Mashup

I don’t talk much about it here, but I have a fairly large (over 10,000 track) music collection. In fact, my love of music got me into iPods, which got me into podcasting, which inspired me to blog. And that’s…. the rest of the story.

The first podcast I listened to, Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code, used to feature Mashups on a regular basis – where two popular music tracks are mixed together.

I tend to not talk much about this because there are all kinds of copyright issues that come in to play, but it is impossible to ignore the “hidden tidal wave” of remixed content out there.

The best source for mashups is and today they have a mashup for the Big Game (you need to have approval to call it the $uper b0wl)

And it’s also a chance for me to test out the new audio player!

Warning: For any haters out there, it’s Rap, save yourself the aggravation
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