Under Construction

Remember when websites always used those corny “Under Construction” logos?

Anyway, I’m updating the blog to the latest version of WordPress, so who knows what I might break (which is why I backup first).

Until then, feel free to check out the latest Marketing Over Coffee:

Direct Link to File

or this Week’s M Show, a better than average one:

Direct Link to File

See you on the other side…

UPDATED: That was relatively painless (barring any surprises), aside from the time it took to delete the old install off the server. One other thing, I should have known enough not to delete my plugins, which I then had to upload again (which was very simple grabbing them from my backup). Everything looks ok, please drop a line if you notice anything weird in the neighborhood. Thanks!

More UPDATES: In a bizarre twist is going to (the true domain, Ronin just points to a subdirectory at, I have no idea how that could happen…

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