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Living on the Bleeding Edge

I haven’t blogged that much about it (except for bitching about my bill that has been messed up for two months in a row), but I upgraded to a Palm Centro back in December. This was a big improvement over my Treo 600 (I know… a dinosaur bone).

There are two reasons I’ve stuck with the Treo:

  1. I’m not going to move my phones to AT&T just for an iPhone
  2. I use the phone as a wireless modem and it does a fantastic job when I have no access to wireless.

There is a downside to playing with new technology. I was disappointed at how my phone only seemed to connect to the web on the second try. It wasn’t able to stream audio or video very well. I wrote it off at first, but after 2 months I decided to check out the support forums.

A wise an knowledgeable person on the boards told me to call in and have my network service re-provisioned. I figured it was worth a try, and Lo! and Behold! my phone is totally smoking now.

This is my greatest technology fear, that there’s a pebble in my shoe and nobody has told me that they’re not supposed to hurt.

Now if Sprint can get my bill right this month, they’ll have made it back to the A-List.