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Speed Chronicles 2

Speed Test

Burdened with a compulsion to measure technology I did a speed test today now that I finally got my new Palm Centro pimped out to serve as wireless modem. I’ve used PDANet on my Palm 600, but the new version takes advantage of the expanded service that the Centro uses:

The top two boxes are via cellular modem, the bottom two is the same box via FIOS. So the good news is that the Centro is about 20x faster than the Treo 600 was. Uploads are just more than 3 times faster. Not bad considering it’s for situations where there’s no wireless of any kind. Also interesting to note that it’s half as good as my connection at work (although we’ve upgraded and I think work is now about twice as fast).

If you don’t have FIOS and you want to make yourself cry, check out past speed tests. I’d also love to see your speed test results, you can check your speed here.