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There’s been a fair amount of discussion about how much time newspapers on print and the 6pm news have left. I’m planning the party for 2/26/13. Yes, 2013 is only 5 years away. Where will you be and what will you be up to?

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Well, it’s a Tuesday, so I’ll probably be having Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch (cheap wings on Tuesday) if they’re still in business.

Around 6 I’ll probably be watching Scrubs in it’s 5th season of continual syndication with no new episodes or maybe reading a book on my brand new 5 year old Amazon Kindle (or the latest incarnation there of).

Or maybe, just maybe, I’ll be sitting in my den, wearing my slippers and smoking jacket, scotch in hand, smoking my pipe and watching Anderson Cooper anchor NBC Nightly News with a copy of the New York Times open to the National Politics page.

I’ll mark on my calender to let you know.

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