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Travel Secrets that Will Save Your Life

Ok, maybe not save your life, but at least take some of the headaches away:

  • Never check a bag
  • SeatGuru
  • Bring twice the money, half the clothes
  • Remember that for nearly all business travel there are still stores where you are going. Only pack the things you need, not things you might use
  • iGo universal charger – unless your laptop is a Dell, which uses a proprietary charger and I swear to god one day I will find a way to get Dell back for this
  • American Express Platinum Card – gets you into the flight clubs and 4 free companion tickets per year
  • Get the lightest laptop you can, and if possible one that allows you do use a drive bay as a battery. With 2 regular batteries and one in the drive bay I can get a good 9 hours.
  • Sit on the aisle so you don’t have to climb over people to get to the bathroom
  • Never sit for more than 2 hours without moving around
  • Rip a solid 10-12 hours of movies or TV shows from DVDs you’ve bought to your laptop, you never know when you will be stuck someplace with time to kill
  • Have a second set of toiletries ready to go, you never have to pack and see what’s missing, leave the bag in your wheelie cart and go.
  • Kayak
  • Priceline for hotels, it’s nuts, I’m consistently paying half what other guests pay
  • Always have a small flashlight, sharpie, business cards
  • A hidden $20 bill – mine fits in the battery compartment of my cellphone
  • Get a friend that’s in one of the mega miles programs, if you travel with them they can pull you into the good seats or the exit rows
  • Drink lots of water
  • Be nice to the flight attendants

Addendum: After some great comments from Geoff and Chip, here are a few more:

Nice additions, that reminds me of a few more:

  • Chip is right on – GPS is an absolute requirement
  • Bring a 2 ft headphone cord, your rental car may have a jack so you can listen to your iPod
  • I always introduce myself to people on the plane as it is a great place to network (do you know how expensive it is to advertise in an in-flight magazine? That’s because the people on the plane are so cool), but I don’t do it until the pilot announces the approach to our destination, that way if someone sitting next to you is crazy you only have to talk to them for 10 minutes or so.