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Getting Ringtones on the Palm Centro

Totally off topic here, but just a quick one for Centro owners. I have this thing about paying for ringtones. I’ve been editing audio for a long time so the thought of paying $1.99 for a crappy snippet absolutely kills me.

There is a shortcut where mp3s can be sent with text messages but on the palm boards I found an even better solution. For the full post click here, otherwise here’s the punchline from Ridius, the smartest person on the Palm Forums:

Step 4: Now we actually need to import the songs. Here’s how you do it

1. Open the Blazer app (Web icon)
2. In the address field, type file:///cardname/foldername/filename (e.g. file:///MYSDCARD/Audio/PurpleHaze.mp3)
Remember that this is case sensitive so make sure you have all the capitol letters correct
3. Tap Go
4. Choose Save as Ringtone from the list
5. The rest is easy as you pretty much just tap ok

I only ran into a minor glitch as my card had not been named so the default “Card” did not work. I named it on my PC and it’s all good now, the Jack Bauer ringtone is in full effect.

The next Geek project is Opera on the Centro…