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Why do we need this?

Another browser? Google announces their browser: Chrome

This comic tells the story and here’s what I’m thinking so far.

“Wouldn’t it be great to start from scratch”

Uh. No. Web designers and marketers have taken years to get things to work on 2 platforms, nobody wants a third. You could consider Vista an attempt at starting from scratch, that’s gone well.

P5 and 6 – Multi-threaded browser that’s less of a memory hog – Ok, so I’m a little interested.

P11 – They talk about QA, yeah that’s not a revolution.

P12 – Uses Webkit just like Android. Give me your best Spock… “Fascinating”

P22 – Porn mode, you can open a tab that saves no history. Great, the politician’s dream.

“It’s good for developers because it’s open source” That’s debatable. My ultimate question is: can you get more standardization by further segmenting the market? I doubt it, they have to be counting on wiping out the competition.