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Here’s Why We Need This

So after a few hours of using Chrome the only bad thing I have to say is that I’m missing my Delicious tags. Aside from that there are some very interesting things:

  •  History Homepage – When you open it up you get screenshots of your past pages, it’s dynamic, it’s very cool.
  • I also really like the fact that the window itself has no border, between that and the modest toolbars, and use of the title bar to compress the tabs, you get more overall screen real estate. If you’re someone like me who sets the start bar to auto-hide for a few more pixels, you’ll really like it.
  • It’s a lot more solid than I thought it would be, most pages look “right”

But it’s not perfect

  • For some reason the graphing plugin that AWstats uses does not show up (for 1 of 3 sites only)
  • I couldn’t get the Flickr uploader to work

Aside from that, I’m very impressed and it’s already taken the top spot. 

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