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Today was an interesting day, I ran through a huge range of emotion on my ride home. I started out thinking about the new Sony PSP 3000 that’s going on sale next month, which I don’t really need, but would like to check out. I listened to the back half of a NY Times podcast on religion that was quite thought provoking. Everything from how the 60’s have changed religion, to the impact that the church has on politics and the human condition (link below if you want to check it out).

I saw a squirrel trapped in an intersection and get killed by an SUV. Although my inlaws are mounting a jihad against the squirrell kingdom, I’d rather be spared grusome images during my evening commute. 10 minutes after that some crazy dude drove into the intersection paying no attention to the traffic lights. No accident resulted, but I had to wonder what the hell the guy was thinking.

At this point I switched the iPod over to Yo-Yo Ma so that I could take my mind off the insanity of the road.

The good news is that the 5 city, 5 wedding Summer tour is over, and perhaps I can get back to work and save a dollar or two.

The religion discussion:

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