By Hook or by Crook

One of my favorite podcasts is Steve Wright over on BBC2. It started out a few years ago with just his “Ask Elvis” segment, but they started throwing in some of the interviews he gets with big names (Jack Nicholson, Billy Joel, David Tennant etc.) and then I was hooked for good.The one I listened to today had Ian McKellen (fanboys will know him as either Magneto or Gandalf), who mentioned that he was working on a 6 part re-imagining of The Prisoner. The Village

Originally broadcast as a series in the late sixties, Patrick McGoohan played a Secret Agent Man who was kept as a prisoner on an island village. You could never tell who exactly was keeping him or why exactly was he was being kept. He said he wanted to retire, was it his own agency locking him down? An enemy spy agency trying to break him? Every week he, referred to only as “Number 6”, would try to escape or the leader “Number 2” (who was played by different actors as the series progressed) would have a scheme to try and break him.

The original series is kind of odd in that the final episode is very strange and it’s not really clear what the hell was going on at all. Long before “Lost” or “The X Files” this series presented a story that really made you think, and forced you to think long after it was over.

As they say in the Village… “Be seeing you”.

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Big Time Audio

Marketing Over Coffee is out with a review of Google chrome.

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This weekend I recorded a special M Show with C.C. Chapman, who hasn’t been on in about 100 shows.

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Geek Stuff

Here’s Why We Need This

So after a few hours of using Chrome the only bad thing I have to say is that I’m missing my Delicious tags. Aside from that there are some very interesting things:

  •  History Homepage – When you open it up you get screenshots of your past pages, it’s dynamic, it’s very cool.
  • I also really like the fact that the window itself has no border, between that and the modest toolbars, and use of the title bar to compress the tabs, you get more overall screen real estate. If you’re someone like me who sets the start bar to auto-hide for a few more pixels, you’ll really like it.
  • It’s a lot more solid than I thought it would be, most pages look “right”

But it’s not perfect

  • For some reason the graphing plugin that AWstats uses does not show up (for 1 of 3 sites only)
  • I couldn’t get the Flickr uploader to work

Aside from that, I’m very impressed and it’s already taken the top spot. 

Geek Stuff

Why do we need this?

Another browser? Google announces their browser: Chrome

This comic tells the story and here’s what I’m thinking so far.

“Wouldn’t it be great to start from scratch”

Uh. No. Web designers and marketers have taken years to get things to work on 2 platforms, nobody wants a third. You could consider Vista an attempt at starting from scratch, that’s gone well.

P5 and 6 – Multi-threaded browser that’s less of a memory hog – Ok, so I’m a little interested.

P11 – They talk about QA, yeah that’s not a revolution.

P12 – Uses Webkit just like Android. Give me your best Spock… “Fascinating”

P22 – Porn mode, you can open a tab that saves no history. Great, the politician’s dream.

“It’s good for developers because it’s open source” That’s debatable. My ultimate question is: can you get more standardization by further segmenting the market? I doubt it, they have to be counting on wiping out the competition.