Free Stuff! Holiday Beancast Giveaway

If you haven’t noticed from previous posts, I have been a guest on The Beancast a number of times. If you are into podcasting it’s kind of like TwiT for marketing people. If you’re not into podcasting it’s like the morning zoo with marketing and advertising people. If you still don’t get it it’s like me and the host Bob along with people like Steve Hall and Scott Monty talking about the stuff we usually talk about – and it’s on iTunes.

For the year end special being recorded tonight I’m giving away a copy of The Seth Godin Boxed Set – 4 DVD’s of video with him Live in Denver, with Charlie Rose, and 3 DVDs of Q+A. These DVDs are $800 a set and the winner will still be bound by the terms of sale (you have the right to resell, but not to post or to show to groups of more than 30).

I got this for paying for VIP level access to his Tribes event (and I forgot to get my book signed, which was also part of my ticket). I’ve watched them and they are great, but I rarely watch anything more than once on DVD and I’m pretty sure that nobody else in my family will watch them (don’t worry Seth, it’s not you, they don’t like my SEO videos either)… so why not use them for a promotional stunt rather than have them gather dust for eternity in my DVD bookcase?

How to win?” you ask? I’ll give out the secret code during the cast, comment back here and the first one in wins.

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Scott, nice way to use the code in “secret”. I got all the way through the entire podcast and was completely deflated once I heard John throw it out.

I knew I read it from your comment before heading to the podcast the minute I heard it. Oh well, it was still worth the listen.

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