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5 Greatest Foods Ever

One of the many reasons I hate the holidays is that invariably I’ll be sitting around doing nothing, except for maybe my conscience asking me “Why the hell aren’t you writing now?”, and probably end up eating. As I look forward to this inevitable event that made me think of some of the things that I have found over the years that I thought are worth sharing.

Garrett’s Cheese Popcorn – is astoundingly good, better than any other cheese popcorn I have ever had, by a long shot. You might want to eat it with chopsticks though because the cheese will stain your fingers. Once, while in Chicago on business my friend Tom had some and then went to the Sony story and played the PS2 demo units, leaving the controller covered in orange goo.

Stam Chocolates – Jim from Podcasting News brought us a box of these a couple of years ago and they are better than anything else I’ve tried, even stuff from Germany and Austria. These chocolates are so good that our dog when berserk when we bought a box as a Christmas gift this year and he ate the whole 27 piece box.  There’s a lot fewer gross ingredients, it’s kind of like the difference between fresh squeezed OJ and all other OJ, except for….

Orchid Island Juice Company – I am an OJ snob, but Orchid Island is very good and available at Trader Joe’s and my local supermarket, Roche Brothers.

Strawberry Hill Povitica – Fantastic bread, make french toast with this and you’ll never go back to regular bread.

Blues Hog BBQ Sauce – I used to work with Chris, who is a BBQ Jedi Master with the trophies to prove it. My nephew has said he can no longer use other sauces because everything tastes like a sad excuse after Blues Hog.


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