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Where do you put extra hope?

I am a city person at heart. I like being around a lot of people, when I am downtown during the evenings I can feel the energy of everyone traveling around, each of them with their own story being played out. I get a bit of the same feeling first thing in the morning when I log on and see people from the west coast still posting things in their late night that gets handed off to my early morning, real time. At that point the web joins the ranks of the cities that never sleep.

I saw a flash of truth this morning as opposed to the normal “Gee, I forgot how much I like pickles” kind of crap. Someone mentioned the quiet lonely hours before going off to sleep. I remember, in what seems to be about 2 million years ago, feeling the same way going to bed at some hour when the people who run bakeries and coffee shops are opening up for the morning rush.

It was so well written, not only was it poetic, but it felt like the scene at the beginning of a movie. Like the “I wish” part at the beginning of every Disney movie ever made. The sad part was that it was deleted very quickly. This person is “a big deal on the internet”, but actually is one of the few that really is a big deal on the internet, so I’m sure that when something like that is put out there,  there’s a whole parade of pickle liking weirdos that come pouring in.

So, feeling fortunate enough to have seen something real this morning, and having no way to send back a bit of hope, I thought I’d store it here. I’m living proof that a prayer for a busy home can be answered. Although I don’t always get a full night sleep, I am happy in my bed.

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