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Emergency Plumbing, etc.

Not much writing about marketing lately, I know… contrary to the title of this blog. But hey, you can always swing over to Marketing Over Coffee to get my take there.

I wanted to thank the folks at Suffolk U. who invited me to stop by on Saturday to talk about social media, I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did. It also gave me an excuse to bring the camera downtown for some shooting.

My weekend was a bit messed up while I was getting the house ready for winter and found out that the bleeder valve in the shutoff for the hose spigot was mounted backwards. If you don’t speak plumbing just picture me standing in my basement in socks, jeans and a rugby shirt with water spraying out in a 6 foot jet all over everything. One shutoff and a walk to the downtown hardware store for a $3.50 part and all was back to normal.

Last weekend was a big deal for me. Comic Con came to Boston with a bunch of TV stars from back when I used to have time to watch TV. It’s been decades since I’ve gone to a con but I really wanted to meet Lee Majors. My entire life has been messing around with technology, and when you rewind the tape to the beginning there’s a kid getting his mind blown by an engineer making a bionic man. I figured it would be perfectly normal for a geek, a shadowy government dude and an astronaut to save the world every week. For those who missed the seventies I’m talking about Col. Steve Austin – The Six Million Dollar Man.

I also got to meet a guy you might know from Smallville or The Dukes of Hazzard:

It was great to talk with John, he saw my camera and brought me over to talk to the neighboring booth who was having trouble with theirs. After I got the flash going for them the let me take a special shot on the house:

It’s hard not to yell “YEEE HEEE HAAAAAWWW” when you are sitting in it. Also – everyone asks the same question – no, I did not have to climb in, the door does open.

Last, but not least, this week was Blogtoberfest, Jenny calling down the Martini Thunder yet again. I got a nice shot with the Sony NEX-5 with our own Paul Revere of Video Blogging:

Ok, last shot of my stupid grinning mug: this is my favorite shot of Blogtoberfest (I’m not sure if that link works, of course FB has no sharing URL, so I imagine they’ll sabotage a deep link). Flickr has it, so here it is, Ye Olde Bostone Bloggerse:

I know it’s last minute but if you are looking for a 5k Sunday morning I’ll be doing the Miles for Kyle. Have a good weekend!

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There’s not a lot of people that would make me squee when meeting them, but Lee Majors and John Schneider would have made me squee. Two of my favorites from growing up 🙂 Coolbeans!

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