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Big News
I’ve been reading what I can about HTML 5 lately and came across this great resource on Video for the Web. It covers codecs, wrappers and a bunch of other stuff including H.264, a video standard that HTML 5 supports.

Lesser News
This was also computer overhaul week. Besides my upgrade, which is, for the most part, completed, I also juiced up the Lovely Carin’s Mac with 4x the RAM and more than doubled the hard drive and went up to 7200 RPM. It really screams now.

I also gave Handbreak a try for getting  some of my DVDs into iTunes so I can check them out on the iPad. the H.264 standard looks amazing. I’m glad I saved all my source DVD’s so I can replace the files I have now. I joined the new gym down the street so I’m looking forward to catching up on the TV and movies I have missed in the past year. I’m thinking about catching the last season of 24 since I’ve see the others. The BBC’s Sherlock is great but doesn’t take long to watch. Any other suggestions welcome…

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FYI, Black Friday deal at Staples. External 1TB hard drive for $50. With using Handbreak you could use the extra space. 🙂

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