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Mr. Rogers and Extreme Makeover Home Edition

As I clean out my inbox I have links worth sharing that finally come to light. I wrote about Mr. Rogers giving you the smackdown, and even though it was in 2007, the magic of the Google has kept it around and it was cited in a recent Fast Company article. Also interesting in my post is a comment with some kind words from a guy who was just beginning to really tear things up – Chris Brogan.

Over on Marketing Over Coffee we’ve released a special episode just for people who have bought the iTunes Marketing Over Coffee app (and folks that buy the Android app out probably later this week will also get it). The rest of the subscribers will get it the last week in December, but you faithful reader can also get it early since you go out of your way to check out this space.

MOC Interview with Sal Ferro and John Doyle of Alure Homes


Have a great Thanksgiving!

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