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Third and Three

The third quarter has elapsed and year end is in sight. Here’s the scorecard as it stands:

On the Family front I took a hit by not taking a summer vacation. Between starting a new job, juggling the finances and trips back to the Berkshires it wasn’t in the cards this year. I’m also behind on the College Fund, but we have some plans underway to straighten out the cash flow situation that are moving forward.

On target on the Personal front, getting coached on running has paid huge dividends, live music was a big part of the summer, and I am actually in decent shape. I’ve given up on a specific weight number because I have been lifting a lot more and have been gaining weight while losing inches. As long as I see some semblance of abs and my clothes fit, I score that as accomplished. Q4 is a huge challenge to face though, the one-two punch of crappy weather and holiday food makes this the tough one, but the good news is I am ready to go this year instead of being behind.

Financial goals are actually in decent shape thanks to the sleazy practice of keeping the college fund over in the family goals, really nothing to do for this in Q4 but try and control spending enough to save a bit.

Professional is in good shape with work going well and my first draft of a book done. Marketing Over Coffee is still growing but pretty slowly, it takes a back seat to work and the book but it’s much better than a hobby that burns cash.

That’s about it, on to the rest of the year. I hope your Q4 goes well.


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