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This week @EllensAdventure asked me if I had any book recommendations. I’ve had this draft saved for a couple of months so this was the motivation I needed to get it written. Here are some of my favorite books (these are all affiliate links, I am making enough per month to buy a box of diapers, that’s not incredible but beats a sharp stick in the eye). These are a few that come to mind but this is by no means a comprehensive list.

Business Books:

Start With Why by Simon Sinek
Most business books are all about how to climb the ladder faster, this one asks if you have it leaning on the right building.

Permission Marketing and We Are All Weird by Seth Godin
The first is a classic, the second is cutting edge

New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott
Ignore the Social Media Guru baloney and get pragmatic advice here

Read this First by Ron Ploof
Book to give to your manager if they don’t get the New Rules

Marketing White Belt: Basics for the Digital Marketer by Christopher S. Penn
Starting properly by my Marketing Over Coffee co-host

Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey A. Moore
Required reading for selling technology, also applies to how trends and new ideas move through the world.

The Marketing Playbook by John Zagula and Richard Tong
A hidden gem that will give you a set of concepts that allow you to review and discuss any business model.

The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton M. Christensen
A classic that explains why well managed organizations are not innovative. Critical to understand the weakness of large corporations.

Drucker on Management by Peter F. Drucker
Applies intellectual integrity to the practice of management. I have an edition called The Essential Drucker that appears to be out of print, this edition is an overview of his thought and is a good place to start.

Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy
If you are in Marketing and write, you must read this.

The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz  and Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely
Suddenly you are able to understand why people do the things they do, even when it doesn’t make sense.

And a spoiler – keep your eyes out for Market Like Hero coming soon!


Born to Run by Christopher MacDougall
A fantastic story about ultra-marathoning, midfoot strike, and the greatest race the world has never seen

ChiRunning by Danny Dreyer
The quest to run more efficiently and without pain. I wish I had read this 15 years ago.

Life Skills:

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
This book puts a framework around things you probably already do to succeed – making it a repeatable process.

Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution by C. Robert Atkins
Consult your doctor before changing your diet – that said, this book opened my eyes to the fact that so much of what is taken as fact about diet and nutrition is about as scientific as examining bird entrails. I’d be 300 lbs or dead without this book.

The Art of War (Shambala Press Edition) by Sun Tzu and Thomas Leary
Rock solid strategy.

On Speaking by Charles Osgood
An easy read and a good place to start

You can Negotiate Anything by Herb Cohen
Just like public speaking, negotiation can be nerve-wracking. And also like speaking, anyone can do well at it if you practice. This book gives you the guidelines.

For Fun:

Harry Potter is worth reading, maybe they will wake up and offer it on Kindle someday.

The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller
Argued to be the greatest graphic novel ever, if you like the current Batman movies, you’ll like it.

Superman: Our Worlds at War Epic and grand in scope, with many different artistic styles, this huge graphic novel is a great escape.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Alan Moore Forget the movie, this is a great story (18 and older only)

Sh*t My Dad Says by Justin Halpern
is the funniest book I have ever read

Have fun reading and feel free to add your suggestions in the comments.

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Thanks for sharing this list. I love the podcast and suspected you had a great list of books to share. Over the weekend I bought two audio books from this list – so I can listen on double speed while I clean the kitchen after dinner.

Another entertaining and informative book suggestion: Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead: What Every Business Can Learn from the Most Iconic Band in History by David Meerman Scott, Brian Halligan

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