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I am going to be in Halo 3!

Unless I get outbid on the chance to buy a part in Halo 3, which would seem to be an absolute certainty, but it’s fun to dream. How cool to fire up Halo3 on the Xbox 360 and hear me in the heart of combat?

Update: I only held the top bid for a couple of hours… Looks like I need to scrape up more cash.


M Show Sunday

M Show 138 is up for your listening pleasure

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Bum Rush the Charts

This is going to be cool – on one day everybody we can round up in social media will buy one specific track on a day in March in iTunes. The affiliate money made will go to a college scholarship, all from the brain of Christopher Penn (the idea that is, not the scholarship). Get the full story here.

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I’m still jetlagged and glad the weekend is here. For the weekend contemplate the Dalai Lama – pleasure and happiness are not the same thing.

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Using a 3rd Party Mail Service as Spam Filter

John Federico  scored with a brain buster this week – use Gmail as Spam Filter.

In a close second was Griddlecake Ron pointing me to Pipes.

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SEO is Dead

Bryper threw a question to the CAPOW group about Google serving up different search results pages depending on whether or not a use is logged in. Is this a problem for companies that you pay to get you to score well in Google?
I had a related discussion at the MIT event last week – I’ve heard from many people that are using Search Engine Optimization services that it is common to plateau – you get the advantage of all the tricks the vendor has but then that’s it, you move no further. I’ve even heard of others who have ridden this curve two or three times.

Another thing that concerns me is that as search algorithms continue to get more sophisticated (such as identifying common phrases as opposed to indivdual words), copy writing is now more critical than everand something you can’t farm out to an agency who is unable to write about your business in its own language.

I’m willing to ride the plateau as long as possible but I have the feeling that the days of easy money as an SEO specialist may be fading into the horizon. Just like all the web designers of the bubble, or the day-traders of the early 90’s, the day of reckoning is on its way.

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It seems that this week I am destined to shovel. We’ve had about 6 inches of sleet (frozen rain) fall throughout the day so I spent about an hour chipping my car out of the ice.

I’m also shoveling at work though. I still can’t get the Google AdWords integration to work. We may have to trash our last round of videos. Of course maybe that’s not such a big deal since the price of adwords continues to spin up so fast that we probably won’t bother with campaigns by the end of the next 6 months. I’m busy trying to pull together our next two webinars and that’s nothing but logistics, as are the two upcoming trade shows.

I dedicate today to Winston Churchill – “If you are going through hell – keep going.”

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All about The M Show

I’m finally home and gearing up for work tomorrow, and I finally got this week’s M Show out the door.

Listen for all the latest on me getting robbed, going to California and last week’s insanity hanging out with Jose and Pink, John Furrier, and Rob from Podcast 411.

As always you can check out the photos here.

Time to get back to some Marketing…

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I’m Back!

Hello folks, sorry to be MIA but I was north of Napa and had no internet connection. I didn’t think that was still possible…

I’m digging out now and will have plenty of stuff this week. Tons of cool stuff from sessions last week and photos, etc. from travelling.

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I’m on Vacation

I’m getting to hang out with Winston, so nothing mind bending today. But it has been a crazy week between the MIT event and hanging out with a bunch of New Media folks. More on that later.