Great Marketing

David Meerman Scott on Viral Marketing

David Meerman Scott has released a new ebook on Viral Marketing, it’s free and packed with info. His first ebook spread like wildfire, which then fueled demand for his best selling book “The New Rules of Marketing and PR“.

Did I mention that the eBook is free?

In there you’ll also find some links to his audio presentations on CD, and you might recognize the other guy!

The Marketeer

AMA Boston Tonight

I’ll be at the AMA Boston meeting this evening. Registration is closed but if you are in the vicinity of Vlora perhaps you can still get into the bar and some of the later discussions.

More info on the AMA here.

Marketing IT Dept.

Banner Armaggeddon

I didn’t realize that banner ads were already dead.

I’d noticed a massive drop off in the past year, and was finally tipped off as to what was going on by Josh, a guy that I work with. He had installed a firefox plugin called AdBlock Plus.

It works insanely well. You can choose what you want to block, or better yet, add the subscription service that checks a database of known ad servers and the ads go away. I’ve only had it for a week and I can’t believe the stuff it cleans up.

I haven’t seen any dancing figures or a classmates ad since it’s been installed. Even cooler – since I’ve made the switch to GMail, all my email newsletters get the same treatment – banners wiped away.

It will be interesting to see the response to this…

Daily Life

Snow Day

We were hit pretty hard by a Noreaster today – that’s when a storm is out over the ocean and the wind and snow blow down into where we live from the North East. It can get pretty ugly if the storm just sits out over the ocean spinning and sucking up moisture for snow.

But it’s not like I’m in elementary school and get to go sledding, the only change is that I don’t have to drive to work. Thanks to all of the excellent technology we have in place I can do everything that I can do in the office so it’s a regular workday minus the co-workers, coffee machine and lunch break. In short, I actually get more done.

The hard drive on Carin’s MacBook died as I was trying to load it up with the iTunes library from the other machine in the house. If we hadn’t picked up the extended warranty that would have run us about $370. Through this we have also learned that the iWeb application is just a crappy little toy. Any website editor that won’t let you import anything is just barely above worthless.

The customer service was perfect though, we brought it in at lunchtime, we were back home with a machine with a new drive in it in 45 minutes. So we’ll see if Carin wants to go with Dreamweaver or if I should just build a WordPress template for it.
The latest M Show is also up from yesterday and getting ready to roll with Marketing Over Coffee on Wednesday…

Daily Life

Boston Media Makers and Return of the M Show

Finally, a relaxing weekend after the holidays are in the rear view mirror. I had a chance to attend the Boston Media Makers meeting this morning, and The M Show finally came out of hiatus to return for the first episode of 2008.

Now begins company kickoff celebration week…

P.S. While looking for a link on the Boston Media Makers I came across David Tamés’ fantastic write up of the meeting – check it out to see what is hot right now. His post reminded me that I need to pick up an RE50, and also talks about the Mac gaining momentum.

I think that between Vista, the admiration I’ve had for both the iPod and Apple TV, freedom from anti-virus software, higher quality hardware, and more dependable video editing the Mac grew much more attractive over the past couple of years, but the ability to run parallels so that I could run programs that only run on PC removed the last pain in switching – far more important than offering more pleasure on the other side.

I also finished my first video project on the Mac, I created some shorter clips for my page as a Marketing Technology Public Speaker.

Email Marketing

Email is Going Nowhere

I’ve been reviewing stats from MarketingSherpa’s latest Email Marketing Benchmark Guide. It’s easy to get distracted by all the people in social media saying that email is dead and a thing of the past, but this survey of all the movers and shakers in the industry says otherwise. And I agree, although no longer the darling, both email and 30 second spots do get in front of a lot of eyeballs.

I’ve also found it useful to compare my open rates and other stats against the rest of the world to see how things are doing overall.


Weekend Fun

I hate to say it but it’s nice to have a normal weekend and the holidays over – much more relaxing.

Some random weekend stuff:

Ron tipped me off to this Audio Repair Tool. It lets you visualize the sound and cut out the chunks you don’t want. It also repairs clipping (that sound you get when someone talks way too lound right into the mic and it starts to crackle).

I’ve decided that Podcasting and Audible are matter vs. anti-matter – they can’t take up the same space. In some ways it’s good, it pushes the crappy podcasts off the list.

I was at the mall during lunch yesterday and saw some products that then led me to this:


It’s addictive and fun for the whole family. Not fanboy enough for you? How about this:


Enough messing around… back to work…

Daily Life


The latest Marketing Over Coffee is up this week, and aside from that there won’t be much of me around for the next week. Both the company kickoff and the sales kickoff are next week so I’ll be wrapped up with that for the next 8 days.

With luck The M Show may come back off of holiday break for Monday… but maybe not yet…

See you on the other side…