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Home Sick

I’ve either got the flu or food poisioning. I was fine until around 9pm last night and then my digestive system decided to launch a full scale revolt. You know it’s bad when I’m lying on the couch and knowing that playing a video game is too much exertion for me to handle.

So I can check email and then sleep for a couple of hours. And repeat.


Under Construction

Remember when websites always used those corny “Under Construction” logos?

Anyway, I’m updating the blog to the latest version of WordPress, so who knows what I might break (which is why I backup first).

Until then, feel free to check out the latest Marketing Over Coffee:

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or this Week’s M Show, a better than average one:

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See you on the other side…

UPDATED: That was relatively painless (barring any surprises), aside from the time it took to delete the old install off the server. One other thing, I should have known enough not to delete my plugins, which I then had to upload again (which was very simple grabbing them from my backup). Everything looks ok, please drop a line if you notice anything weird in the neighborhood. Thanks!

More UPDATES: In a bizarre twist is going to (the true domain, Ronin just points to a subdirectory at, I have no idea how that could happen…

Productivity Booster

Please Check Out Video Conferencing and Don’t Let Me Get Picked Last in Gym Class

Would you like to talk with some of the sharpest minds in marketing and new media (or how about to me)? You can take part in these Video discussions for FREE.

I’m really psyched to have been selected to take part in My ooVoo Day, a program with a bunch of Marketing and New Media folks who are going to be talking about whatever you want to talk about.

All you have to do is set up an ooVoo account (it’s like Skype but with video), and then sign up for one of the sessions I’m doing. And while you are there you might want to check out some of the other presenters like:

This event is open to the pubilc but there are only 5 slots per session so you have to sign up quickly to guarantee that you’ll get to see some of the bigger names. The first 5 to sign up for one of my sessions and comment here will get a $5 Dunkin Donuts coffee card from Marketing Over Coffee.

Please don’t let me be the loser that nobody signs up for. At the very least, get in on the first Monday at Noon, my co-host from Marketing Over Coffee – Christopher Penn, will also be on that one (I’m going to see if I can get him in on the others but that’s the only one confirmed).

I hope to see you there!

Email Marketing

Making Your Email Newsletter Suck Less

An email newsletter is a challenging project, probably the most underrated from my experience. Everyone is under the impression that they are easy to do, and the reality is that it’s easy to a crummy one. An excellent and productive newsletter is a ton of work.

If you don’t have an email newsletter and you’d like to get a look at what your to-do list will be after you’ve done it for a year and realized how difficult it can be, check out this report from MarketingSherpa on the Dirty Dozen Email Mistakes. It will make you look smarter, and more importantly help you budget time and resources for what will grow into a project far beyond your initial expectations.

Daily Life

$uperB0wl Musical Mashup

I don’t talk much about it here, but I have a fairly large (over 10,000 track) music collection. In fact, my love of music got me into iPods, which got me into podcasting, which inspired me to blog. And that’s…. the rest of the story.

The first podcast I listened to, Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code, used to feature Mashups on a regular basis – where two popular music tracks are mixed together.

I tend to not talk much about this because there are all kinds of copyright issues that come in to play, but it is impossible to ignore the “hidden tidal wave” of remixed content out there.

The best source for mashups is and today they have a mashup for the Big Game (you need to have approval to call it the $uper b0wl)

And it’s also a chance for me to test out the new audio player!

Warning: For any haters out there, it’s Rap, save yourself the aggravation
Direct Link to File

Productivity Booster


With the holidays over I am finally getting around to cleaning things up in my virtual space. A lot of cleanup redirecting links to the “About Me” and “Press Kit” page over here.

I’ve also installed an audio player so when I link to podcasts you’ll be able to listen to them right from the page that the link is on.

And of course backing up everything to a hard drive here and one offsite. Remember there are only two types of people – those who have had a catastrophic data loss and those who will. If you haven’t backed up in more than 3 months please take the time to do it to save yourself a future headache.

Go Pats!

Productivity Buster

Are You Ready for Some Football

Firebrand will have some coverage of Superbowl Ads by Terry Tate, that’s all I need to know.

Happy Friday

ps – Google reader doesn’t show the embedded YouTube vids in this post, anyone know how to fix that?